Joke's On You – live english standup comedy

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Joke's On You – live english standup comedy grafika: Matúš Hnát

🇬🇧 Laugh in English with the help of four experienced entertainers: Alan Henderson, Tamas Vamos, Mitch Leffler and Nasi.

When: 17th of September, 20:30

Where: Cafe Berlinka

 🇸🇰 Zasmejte sa po anglicky! Tento rok sa môžete tešiť na štvoricu skúsených zabávačov: Alana Hendersona, Tamasa Vamosa, Mitcha Lefflera a Nasi.

Kedy: 17. septembra, 22:30

Kde: Cafe Berlinka

Alan Henderson
Alan Henderson is the resident MC of Joke's On You. Born a redneck in Mississippi, Alan grew up knocking on your doors as a Jehovah's Witness. Possessing confidence that far exceeds his looks, education, talent, and ability, Alan mixes his Southern wit and ignorance to come to terms with growing up in a cult, life in the Southern US and Eastern Europe, fatherhood, and his own failings.

Alan's dark and risque while altogether lovable storytelling has seen him headline across Europe. He regularly features in clubs throughout Europe. He recently performed his solo hour '3rd World American' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to sold out crowds, and headlined shows at the Gilded Balloon. Alan hopes to one day own a dog, look decent in sweat pants, and win the lottery.

Nasi is an Iranian university student who has been living in Slovakia for almost a decade. She has been performing with Silne Reči and Joke's On You for many years and is a regular at clubs in Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest and Prague!!

Tamas Vamos
Tamas is not only a creator but one of the main pillars of the Vienna English comedy scene, he is the in-house comedian of the Europe-wide famous Austrian Wein &Co franchise where he runs his twice a month show "Wein & COmedy - Thirsty for a laugh?" Performing to sold out audiences around Europe, His storytelling style comedy is balanced perfectly with unexpected hard hitting punch lines, (very) dark humor and political incorrectness!

Mitch Leffler
Mitch is a socially awkward American comedian based in Bratislava, Slovakia having moved freshly from Prague (Wrong way, he knows) Mitch left the USA 4 years ago and spent a year in Switzerland before moving to the Czech Republic mostly because the beer is cheaper. Mitch has jokes about assimilating to Czech culture and all of the hilarious embarrassments that come with that. Mitch has a natural talent for screwing up royally and he has found stand-up comedy to be a good coping mechanism.